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Merry Christmas!

Quiet Summer?

So, it has been a very quiet summer on this blog. But, it hasn’t been a quiet family for our family. Here are a few highlights. Jeremy is preparing to test for his 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Apparently, most of the preparations included getting beat up, bruised, scratched, scarred, and clawed. [...]

Relay for Life

During our lifetime, several family members and friends have been diagnosed with cancer. Alan’s grandfather and Margaret’s grandmother died from cancer. The son of our good friends was recently diagnosed and treated for cancer. Last year, Margaret’s father was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. Cancer has greatly affected our life. Our family is taking [...]


So, it started snowing here about an hour ago. We were supposed to get snow a few days ago, but nothing materialized. Anyway, today we are definitely going to get snow – since it is already snowing. It is supposed to snow all night and into the early morning hours. Also, the temperature is supposed [...]