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Pushups – Again

After starting the hundred push ups program – and making it about half way through it – I started having eye problems that zapped my strength. Then, I cut my hand and needed a couple of stitches. Well, I’m finally healed, so our family is starting the program again. Last night, we all did our [...]

Appalachian Trail Hiking/Camping Pictures

Jeremy and I went on a hiking/camping trip from Thursday, October 9, until Saturday, October 11, on part of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania with our friends Jim and Jason. Here are some of the pictures from our trip. I’ll try to post more about the trip later. BubbleShare: Share photos

Pushups Update – after 2 weeks

So, Jeremy and I (Alan) have continued the 100 pushups program for the last two weeks. I told you about starting the program in the post “100 pushups“. So, how are we doing with pushups? Well, the program is not causing Jeremy any problems yet. He can easily do 30-40 consecutive pushups even after the [...]

100 pushups

Tonight, Jeremy, Miranda, and I (Alan) started an exercise routine called 100 pushups. Supposedly, if we follow this program, we will each be able to do 100 consecutive pushups in six weeks. Of course, Jeremy started out way ahead of Miranda and me. Miranda is doing pushups from her knees because we don’t want to [...]