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Lucy’s Trick

Here is our dog Lucy showing off with one of her many tricks.

Wake Forest Christmas Parade

Last Saturday, we were in the Wake Forest, NC Christmas Parade on the Franklin County Humane Society float. Jeremy wore a dog costume and did a great job waving to the crowd. The kids really loved him. Jeremy, Margaret, and I rode in the back of the truck that pulled the float. Miranda rode on [...]

Youngsville Christmas Parade 2008

This morning, our family rode in the Youngsville Christmas Parade. We rode in the float for the Franklin County Humane Society. The other family that rode with us was the family that fostered Lucy before we adopted her. It was nice to meet them again. Miranda dressed as a cat, and did a good job [...]

Finding a home for Toby

We’ve had Toby, our second foster puppy, for almost two weeks. He is very popular! We’ve had almost twenty applications for him. We started taking him on home visits last night, and hope to take him to meet another family on Saturday. Here are a few new pictures of Toby: BubbleShare: Share photos

More Pics of Toby

A few days ago Miranda and I visited Toby – our soon to be foster puppy. We took a few more pictures of him. You can get a better idea of his size from these photos: BubbleShare: Share photos

We have a new foster puppy?

We will have a new foster puppy in a couple of weeks! A family was evicted, and left the puppy behind. Their 80 year old neighbor found him, but she couldn’t take care of him by herself. So, in a couple of weeks, after being quarantined, we’ll have a new foster puppy! Right now, he’s [...]

Macey has been adopted

Macey, our first foster puppy with the Franklin County Humane Society, was adopted this afternoon. A family adopted Macey and her sister Cassie. We think they are going to enjoy their new family together, but we already miss her! Here are some pictures of Macey (on the right) and Cassie (on the left) with their [...]

First Week with Macy (the foster puppy)

Macy, our new foster puppy, arrived last Saturday. She is a miniature greyhound mix. She’s cute, lovable, and playful. Our dogs (Lucy and Aggie) have done very well with her, for the most part. Sometimes they get a little jealous. Macy is going to make someone a very good pet. Believe it or not, she [...]

We’re getting a new (foster) puppy!

Our family decided to become foster parents for the Franklin County Humane Society. A lady from FCHS came to our house last week to interview us to see if we would be a good foster family and to check out our fence. We passed inspection and someone called on Friday to tell us they have [...]

Miranda and Lucy playing dress-up

Miranda decided that Lucy may have been jealous of Aggie playing dress-up. So, she decided to dress up Lucy as well. Here are her pictures. This album is powered by BubbleShare – Add to my blog