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20th Anniversary

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary! Unfortunately, we’re spending it apart because Margaret is helping take care of her dad in Alabama while he’s recovering from bypass surgery. This afternoon, our friend Denise surprised me with a fruit basket that she made. (I think Margaret had something to do with this.) And, yes, I said [...]

The Weak Week after Thanksgiving

So, after our wonderful Thanksgiving, Margaret and I both developed bronchitis. She was coughing and not feeling well Monday morning. I followed a couple of days behind her. We went to the doctor Thursday and were diagnosed with bronchitis. I guess that’s good news, because its not strep or the flu. The good thing is [...]

Young Entrepreneurs Craft Sale – October 2007

Last Saturday, Miranda and her friend, Lindsay, took part in a Young Entrepreneurs Craft Sale at a local bookstore. They made pot holders and greeting cards to sell. The girls did almost all of the work themselves, with only a little help from their mothers. Also, the girls had to run their craft table at [...]

Jack O’Lantern

Our friend Kate described their fun carving pumpkins this weekend with some friends. Not to be outdone, we went to the “pumpkin patch” this afternoon to pick out our own pumpkin. Miranda decided that she wanted to design the face, clean out the pumpkin, and carve it herself. She did most of the work, though [...]

Saturday Ups and Downs

Good news! It has been raining here for the last few days! We need rain very badly, so we are very grateful to God for this rain. I think this area is currently in a rain deficit of almost 20 inches. As the weatherman – I mean, meteorologist – said, the rain from the last [...]